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Our target area is the South West Indian Ocean and the East African coast. Here, we support community-led conservation projects in 15 seascapes across five countries through our offices in Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa.
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Community-level projects

Each of these seascapes have embedded field teams, who are supported by teams in the capitals of these countries with strong relationships to government and the private sector. These teams are connected regionally through WWF-SWIO, and globally through the WWF Network, providing meaningful local-to-global reach.

In addition to supporting organisations across the five countries already listed, WWF-SWIO also supports community-based and civil-society organisations and networks in Seychelles, Mauritius and the Comoros, which lies in the heart of the Northern Mozambique Channel.

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Because the region includes international waters that are at risk of overfishing and exploitation by extractive industries, we also engage regional fisheries management organisations, regional and distant-nation governments, global value chains and financial institutions to prioritise environmental sustainability and inclusive social development in decisions relating to policy and investment.

These engagements and projects are undertaken by the WWF-SWIO Secretariat, which is hosted by WWF-Madagascar.