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The WWF South West Indian Ocean Seascape Regional Programme is hosted by WWF-Madagascar. We work closely with staff from relevant WWF in country offices, including about 100 field staff members engaging with communities on the ground. We also work with subject experts from the WWF network, particularly the global Coastal Communities InitiativeCoral Reef Rescue Initiative and the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative.

Dr Samantha Petersen
WWF-SWIO Regional Programme Lead
  Dresy Lovasoa
WWF-SWIO Regional Programme Deputy Lead; Sustainable Blue Economy Lead
Eduardo Videira
Senior Marine Officer
  Maafaka Ravelona
Coastal Community-led Conservation Coordinator
  Reginald Kwizela
Governance and Policy Manager
Umair Shahid
Indian Ocean Tuna Manager
  Annita Raseliarinjatovo
Administrative Assistant
  Kareen Andriantsiferana
Technical Officer