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Closure of the Mahafaly octopus fishery for the sustainability of ocean resources

As every year, octopus fishing in all its forms is closed from December15, 2023 to January 31, 2024, according to Order no. 12792-2016 of June 15, 2016 amending certain provisions of Order 16376-2005 of October 21, 2005 "regulating octopus fishing".

In the Atsimo Andrefana region, a temporary closure of octopus reserves is also implemented every year from July to September by the communities. All of this is to enable octopus development at two times of the year, and to ensure the sustainability of stocks, in consultation with members of the CGP (Comité de Gestion de la pêche aux Poulpes).
On the Mahafaly coast, south of Toliara, fishermen mainly use two methods to catch octopus: foot fishing and snorkeling. The former is practiced on the reef flats, in holes where octopus take refuge or nest, while the latter is done using a harpoon or "Voloso".
The closure of the fishery provides biological rest for adult and/or juvenile octopuses during the breeding season.  This approach, carried out in close collaboration with the communities managing the Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs), makes a significant contribution to the resilience of marine ecosystems. On the Mahafaly coast, eleven LMMAs are actively involved in the sustainable management of octopus fishing.
To accompany the national closure of the octopus fishery, an awareness campaign was carried out from December 5 to 14 in collaboration with the CSP team (Centre de Surveillance des Pêches), the regional directory of fisheries and blue economy in Atsimo Andrefana (DRPEB), the Milanoriake association (LMMAs association) and the WWF team. A total of twelve fishing villages in the south of Toliara were made aware of the importance of sustainable management of octopus fishing through village meetings, various events and posters.